A lot of people think that bankruptcy is the end for business, a lost reputation, ruin, the sale of all property and a bullet in the career.
However, this thought is as old as the world, especially in the practice of foreign jurisdictions.
Overseas, wealthy people resort to bankruptcy proceedings only in order to avoid negative consequences, get rid of unnecessary debts and at the same time maintain their name and reputation.
Bankruptcy is not a failure. This is a way to legally prevent even greater possible losses in the future, while preserving a part of the property and assets with a positive outcome.
For creditors, bankruptcy is a lifeline with which you can recover at least some money from an unscrupulous debtor.
Bankruptcy is a laborious and long-term process that is complicated by the presence of a foreign element.
It is no secret that the owners of large enterprises, businessmen and entrepreneurs, in whom part of the property is located abroad, often resort to bankruptcy proceedings.
At the same time, a huge gap in the field of cross-border insolvency regulation contradicts the goals of protecting the rights and interests of Russian companies conducting economic activity abroad.
LLC “A.S.S. CAPITAL PARTNERS GROUP ”renders services in the field of bankruptcy support to both companies experiencing financial difficulties and to creditors wishing to receive what is due to them, not only in the Russian Federation, but also in more than 130 countries.
We have impressive experience in effectively supporting bankruptcy procedures of companies, as well as representng creditors in collecting bad debts in various fields of activity.
Possessing experience and knowledge, we can correctly assess the current situation, identify the prospects of debt repayment by troubled debtors, find the best way to resolve the debt and achieve maximum efficiency in solving the problem.
Over the years, our team has repeatedly solved the most complex problems.